Sage 200 - ## Orders within Sage200
Posted by Kathryn Smith, Last modified by Kathryn Smith on 10/11/21 14:56

## Sales & Purchase Orders

When users create a new sales or purchase order within Sage 200, the program will assign it a reference starting with '##'. What should happen is when the order is saved and committed to the database then the program should clear the ## reference and give it the next available order number.

Sometimes, if there is a system crash or the machine loses connection to the database the order is saved with the ## reference. The stock may also be allocated to this order number, however you will not be able to see the order in the order list. You may notice these references in stock allocation/history screens.

If you do see these references, they can be easily removed by contacting the support team at Xperience.

We will require access to the SQL Database on the server, this is normally held on the Sage server. We can then remove the reference. Once this has been done, we will ask for you to cancel the order through Sage 200. This will clear any stock allocations that may be held. The order will then need to be re-entered onto the program. 

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