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Proofpoint Essentials Archive Export Service
Posted by Richard Kennedy on 10/03/16 14:13


If you are using the Proofpoint Essentials Archive service you may want to export archived data. Please contact your Channel Account Manager to discuss packages and pricing related to the Proofpoint Essentials archive export service.

Submitting an Archive Export Request

To export archived data into Proofpoint Essentials archive you will need to submit an export request using the support portal (ticket). The request should include:

  • The primary domain registered with Proofoint Essentials
  • Approved customer contact name & Proofpoint Essentials logon email address
  • Shipping address
  • Export instructions (users, dates, etc.)

You will receive back:

  • A unique identifier for the job

Once you have received this information, please ship your storage device along with its interface connectors, and power supply to address provided by Proofpoint Essentials. See list of supported storage devices.

When your package arrives, it will be processed and securely transferred to a Proofpoint Essentials data center, where your device will be attached to an archive bulk export station.

After the data export completes, the device will be returned to you along with your exported data. Exported data will be encrypted prior to delivery to the customer.

Import Timelines

Export timelines will vary based on the amount of data being imported. Proofpoint Essentials will provide an estimated processing time when responding to the initial export request.

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