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DLP - Data Loss Prevention FAQ's
Posted by Richard Kennedy on 10/03/16 14:32

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What packages is Data Loss Prevention included in? 

  •  Data Loss Prevention is included in the Business, Advance and Professional package.

 Q. How is Data Loss Prevention enabled? 

  • Data Loss Prevention can be enabled or disabled on the Proofpoint Essentials features page.
  • Data Loss Prevention is disabled by default.
  • At present, only Proofpoint Admins and Proofpoint Staff can enable the DLP feature. This is planned for availability to all admins in the March 2015 release.

Q. Do the logs report on Scan information? 

  • No. Logs will only indicate which filter caught the message but it will not identify the Smart Identifier or Dictionary.

Q. Can a user see the terms included in the dictionary? 

  • No, not as this time.

Q. Does Proofpoint Essentials support custom dictionaries?

  • No, not as this time.

Q. Is Data Loss Prevention available for customers on trial? 

  • Yes.

Q. How do I know Data Loss Prevention is enabled?

  • On the Company Settings main page: Data Loss prevention will state "Active."
  • Go to the Filters. When creating a filter, two new items appear:
    • Smart Identifier Scan
    • Dictionary Scan


Use the following links to learn more: 

  • Smart Identifier
  • Dictionary
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