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How to Whitelist an IP Address to Bypass Spam Filtering in Proofpoint Essentials
Posted by Richard Kennedy on 10/03/16 14:39

f an email has been blocked by Proofpoint Essentials as a result of content we can ensure further delivery of these emails by whitelisting their IP address.

To whitelist an IP so that it is not blocked as a result of content:

  1. Click on Company Settings
  2. Click on Filters tab
  3. Click on New Filter button
  4. Choose a name for the filter (i.e., Whitelisted IP Addresses)
  5. Click on the Continue button
  6. Choose the proper scope for the filter
    If you want the filter to be applied to everyone, leave scope = "Company".
    If you want to target a specific individual or group of individuals, change the scope.
  7. Choose Email Headers from the drop-down list of options message elements
  8. Choose Contain(s) Any Of from the drop-down list of operators
  9. Type in the IP address that you wish to whitelist
    You can enter more than 1 by separating values with a comma
    CIDRs (x.x.x.x/x) are not supported
    IP Ranges (x.x.x.x-y) are not supported
  10. Choose "Allow" from the drop-down list of actions.
  11. Click Save.

N.B. If you wish to add additional IP addresses at a later date, you can either edit this filter or create a new filter.


The creation of this filter will ensure that inbound emails from the IP address provided will bypass spam filtering. This action is the same as adding a domain or an email address to the Safe Sender List.

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