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Spam stamp & forward settings
Posted by Richard Kennedy on 10/03/16 14:53

How to configure Proofpoint Essentials Spam Stamp Feature

If this option is enabled, Proofpoint Essentials will still filter messages for spam. However, instead of moving suspected spam to the quarantine, a configurable text value (default: “***Spam***”) is appended to the subject line and the email is delivered to intended recipient. (Again, any filter rules that you have enabled to quarantine will be ignored and continue to be delivered.) This setting can be enabled at the company or user level. The options available for this setting are:

  • No: The 'Stamp & Forward' is disabled.
  • Partial: If this option is enabled it will stamp and forward emails whose spam score is between 9 and 19.
  • All: If this option is enabled, it will apply to all mail that is classified as spam according to your spam slider bar.
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