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Setting up disclaimers on Proofpoint Essentials
Posted by Richard Kennedy on 10/03/16 15:32

How do I setup a disclaimer for outbound email?

When you avail of the Proofpoint Essentials Outbound Relay service, you can setup a bespoke disclaimer for all outbound email sent out from the registered organisation.

Simply, Login to the Interface > Company Settings > Features > Click checkbox next to Enable Disclaimers > Click Save.

Then, go back to Company Settings > Disclaimers

2 text boxes will be displayed on screen and whatever text you insert into these will be applied to all outbound email.


Can I setup two different disclaimers for one client with two domains?

Yes - simply put the users of each domain into different groups and assign the disclaimer to the group and not the organisation - this assumes the secondary email addresses are registered as separate users.


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