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General Failure Message in Outlook when trying to use the Digest
Posted by Kayako Administrator on 14/03/16 09:17

This error occures when a End-user is using outlook when reciving their digest. The End user clicks on the link to release the message and they get the following error message: 

General Failure. The URL was:*. Application not found

PC World Author Rick Broida found the solution talking to a Microsoft Repesentive about this issue "the problem arises when various applications corrupt the default http:// protocol handler registration. Thus, fixing it is fairly easy."

Steps to fix this issue: 

  1. Click on Start > Then click on Control Panel 
  2. Click on Program > Then click on Default Programs > then Click on Set your default programs
  3. Find the browser you prefer to use. > Click on Set this program as default
  4. Click on Ok and your done

Note: It is recomended not required to restart your computer after this change. 

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