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How to create a ticket in the Proofpoint Essentials Support portal
Posted by Richard Kennedy on 14/03/16 09:18

Only Partners or Direct Support customers are able to log into the support site to create a ticket.  If you are a Partner or Direct Support customer and need an account please email a request to

Note: If you are not a Partners or Direct Support customer, Please contact your reseller/service provider for support. If you are unsure who to contact for support, email queries to

  1. Go to and login
  2. Click "Submit a Ticket"
  3. Select department 'Support' and click Next
  4. Enter your ticket details:
    • Make sure to fill out the correct Priority for the issue:


Typical Examples

SLO or Target Response time*


"How To" Questions and software issues with no degradation

1 business week


All major functionality is working. Non-crucial system issues. The service is running with limited functionality in on or more subsystems. 

Before end of next business day


The software is operating in degraded mode. One or more of the subsystems is not functioning or impacting only a subset of users.

4 hours


System Down. Complete failure of the software or hardware and  is impacting all users. 

1 hour

    • *NOTE: This is a SLO (Service Level Offering) instead of a SLA (SLA) as contracted support agreements aren't in use.
    • Enter as many details as possible about the issue you are reporting.  Some knowledge base articles that provide help on what details to provide
      1. How to report a general problem with an email
      2. Requesting assistance from Support to investigate an email problem


  1. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. Once submitted you will recieve an email summary of the ticket.
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