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Posted by Andrew Smith on 07/03/16 12:06

Adding a disk to a virtual server will require that VS should be rebooted. If a VS is running when you try to add a new disk to it, you'll be asked to confirm the reboot. To add a disk to a virtual server:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Virtual Servers menu.
  2. Click a VS's label to open its details screen.
  3. Click the Storage tab > Disks.
  4. Click the "+" button  or the Create Disk button.
  5. Fill in the details:

    • Specify disk label.
    • Choose the data store to create a disk on from the drop-down list.
    • Move the slider to the right to specify the desired disk size.

      The disk size should not exceed 2 TB when a new disk is added. You can later resize the disk if you need it to be larger than 2 TB.

    • Move the Hot Attach slider to the right if you want to enable disk hot attaching. In this case virtual server will not be stopped when adding a disk. Hot attach option is only available for KVM 6/ CentOS 6 virtual servers.

    • Move the Swap Space slider to the right if this disk is swap space.
    • Move the Require Format Disk slider to the right if this disk requires formatting.

    • Move the Add to Linux FSTAB slider to the right if the disk should be added to Linux FSTAB (for Linux virtual servers).

    • Specify its mount point. The maximum length of a Mount Point is 256 characters. Spaces are not allowed. No more than one slash is allowed. If the mount point is not specified the default mount point will be used:  

    • Tick the Add to FreeBSD FSTAB checkbox if the disk should be added to FreeBSD FSTAB (for FreeBSD virtual servers).
    • Indicate the file system  - ext3 or ext4 - for Linux based VS.
  6. Click the Add Disk button to finish.


  • If you choose a Solidfire data store, the minimum disk size will be regulated by Solidfire Data Store Zone settings.
  • If virtual server and the control panel server belong to different networks, the hot attach transaction will fail.
  • If an additional disk has been created without  the require format disk option and formatted/partitioned in another way, resize disk action may work incorrectly. Use the require format disk option when creating an additional disk, otherwise use disk resize option at your own risk.
  • To be able to take incremental backups for virtual server’s disk, you must mount this disk to FSTAB (either Linux or FreeBSD) and specify the proper mount point manually.
  • You cannot back up Swap disks.
  • When you add a new disk to a virtual server, it automatically becomes available to that server.
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