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Ticket Priorities and Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Posted by Richard Kennedy on 14/03/16 09:34

This article is to help you understand the Proofpoint Essentials Support SLAs in better detail and what each Priority means in our system. 

Only email sent directly to or requests logged at our web portal ( actually create a support ticket.  Any other communication will not be logged into our support system accurately and may not receive the appropriate attention or the necessary escalation requested. Please make sure you open a support ticket via the web portal or our support email.

Support Tickets are assigned a Ticket ID and an auto responder email is relayed to the user who submitted the Ticket ID through one of the mediums above. Your ticket will be assigned a priority automatically. If you feel the assigned priority is not appropriate for your ticket, you can change this priority directly by logging on to This site also has a Knowledgebase and a News section to help you keep abreast of the service. 

Support Priorities are assigned to all tickets and take the entire service and our user base into context when assigned. The following table shows examples of support request response times and assigned priorities. Remember that you can change an assigned priority at any time and that the answers to the most common requests are available in the Knowledgebase at The support team reserves the right to change the priority pending review of the criteria of your ticket per the table below.  You will be notified via a comment in the ticket if any priority changes are made.

Please remember that in your terms of service, your company, our partner, shall provide tier 1 support for your end-users. Proofpoint Essentials Support will assist in finding a solution for you only after tier 1 resources have been exhausted. Direct end-user support will not be provided and any direct contact will be deferred back to our partner for assistance.


Definition and Typical Examples 

Target Response Time 


General questions or feature requests


Questions relating to the Proofpoint Essentials platform and its operations which are for information purposes only.

1 Business Week 




Single group/domain affected.  Other email received by and sent by subscribing customers unaffected. 

Minor number of users affected by unusual increase in Spam (not all users are affected in the company).  


False Positive: User is unable to send/receive a particular type of email.


Messaging problems with an unknown cause, affecting a number of users.

Before end of next Business day 



Email Deliverability: Most or All email get extraordinary delays and/or email cannot be sent/received and is being rejected


Many users affected by an unusual increase in spam and/or viruses.

4 Hour Response



Email for all users is affected. 

Normal inbound email is not possible. 

Admin login page unavailable.  

1 Hour Response 


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