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Updating ticket in the Proofpoint Essentials Support portal
Posted by Richard Kennedy on 14/03/16 09:38

In order to update a ticket, you need to have created a ticket. If you have not done so, please make sure to follow the create a ticket KB.


Repling to a ticket.

  1. Go to the "View Tickets" link, either at the top, or from the home page.
  2. Select the appropriate ticket you wish to update.
    • You may have multiple tickets open, so choosing the appropriate ticket to update is needed.
  3. Press the "Post Reply" button.
  4. Changing the "Status" field is optional.
    • If you need Support's attention, make sure to change the status to 'Open'
    • Any other status is fine.
  5. Change the Priority as you see fit.
    • If you are unsure about priority, please refer back to the create a ticket KB.
  6. In the "Message Details" section, enter your response you want to provide. Again, please provide as much details as possible.
    • Permalinks is a definite must for items
    • copies of log lines (if not attached)
  7. Uploading files pertinent to case
    • A single message in question for review. (This must be the original file, not a forwarded copy.)
    • If multiple messages, possibly zip these files together
    • Log files if there are too many lines.
    • This process needs to be used when doing a false positive/negative reporting.
  8. Press the "Send" button to submit.
  9. Please re-do steps 1-8 for updating a ticket with responses as needed.


Update ticket status

If a case can be closed out and no need to contact support, you can update the "Status" field by simply going to steps 1-2. Then on the Status field, change the status, and press the Update button.

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