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Check when user digest last ran
Posted by Richard Kennedy on 14/03/16 09:51

These are the steps to see when the user's digest last ran

  1. Log into your user portal, i.e US1 or EU1.
  2. If you are a partner, look through your customer list by searching.
  3. Once the domain is located, go to the Users & Groups tab.
  4. Search for the specific user and press the "Edit" button.
  5. At the top, a new bar under users populates. Go to Digests.

From this page, there is a specific line entry:

Timestamp of last Quarantine Digest check: <Date/Time>

This is the last time the digest ran for this specific user.

*Note: Other items on this page, you can change the times and frequency of when a digest runs, different from the admin.

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