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Delete a User
Posted by Richard Kennedy on 14/03/16 09:53

To delete an account and its assigned email addresses from the Proofpoint Essentials platform, please complete the following steps:

  1. Log onto the Proofpoint Essentials portal as an Administrator
  2. Select Users & Groups tab 
  3. Search for the specific user if not found on the first page
  4. Select the appropriate account to delete and check the box
    • Multiple accounts may be selected for a mass delete
  5. In the drop down menu at the top select "Delete"
  6. Click Apply
  7. Click Ok to confirm


  1. Under Users and Group tab
  2. Search for the specific user to delete
  3. Click the end-user's name/email address or the "Edit" link on their line
  4. Click on Delete User button under the selected User profile page
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