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Resizing ZVTRAN file
Posted by Gillian Gillespie on 23/08/18 15:10

For Glenkrag

When their system vat file starts getting close to the 2Gb limit.

Take a backup.  Could take a while to process so get them to do it at a weekend.

Go to Reporting, EC VAT, Reports, ESL Report - enter a date to clear up to, then click in Commit Data to ESL.
you  must also enter a branch ID and Contact name - make this up if you don't know. Click OK. Choose Publish to screen.  You might have to ESC a few times to get through all the prints.  At the very end it will tell you that there are validation errors, publish them, press ESC and then when asked "do you want to commit" say yes.

Then go into Administration, Utilities, Reorganise System Files, "Clear VAT file" - delete VAT up to? - remember VAT rules.

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Conleth Overton
27/08/18 09:09
Ok - so you have 3 files which are edging towards the 2Gb data limit for files, but of particular importance is the VAT file.
The vat table which holds all of these transactions the majority of them were for IE customers.
You need to mark these IE customers as being "committed for ESL".

Now this process is time consuming, so I'm afraid it will probably be a Friday night or weekend job.

1. Take a backup of your data.
2. Go to Reporting menu in Opera, choose Reports in EC VAT section, then choose E.S.L. Report. In here put in 31/12/10. Tick the "Commit data to ESL VAT". you need also to type in a Branch ID (make it up if you don't know it eg. 123) Also a contact name. If you used this correctly then this produces a file that you can upload to HMRC for EC Sales.
3. Click OK - this might take a while. Publish it to screen, but don't print all of the reports that come up, so you could just press ESC. Just watch though as right at the very end it will bring you up a validation error message - publish it, and then when it asks do you want to commit data choose ok.
All of these transactions will now be marked as ESL reconciled.
4. Now go to Administration menu, Utilities, Reorganise System Files, keep all options ticked but in "Delete VAT history up to" put in the date 31/12/2010.

If you go to Administration menu, Utilities and choose Data Status Check you will see the immediate improvement of your system vat files.

I would repeat the above up to 3nd of 2015, deleting a couple of years at a time. Remember you need to commit the ESL part first, then go and reorg the system files. Don't be doing the full 5+ years at a time as the system could crash under the strain.

With regards the sales history size and nominal detail file, we think that these are going to be ok till year end, and at year end they will clear down a wee bit themselves. But if they do start to get close to the 2Gb limit come back to us and we can purge them.
Conleth Overton
27/08/18 09:11
SXP-121-89223 - call ref