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Create Custom Templates
Posted by Andrew Smith on 07/03/16 12:40

You can create custom templates by making a backup of an existing virtual server and saving it as a template for future use. To create a custom template:

  1. Create a new virtual server and configure it as you would like for your template.
  2. Click the Actions icon next to this virtual server, then choose Backups.
  3. In the list of backups, click Convert to Template next to the backup you want to convert.

  4. On the next screen, enter the following:
    1. A label for your template.
    2. The minimum memory size: make sure the minimum memory size takes into account the settings for the template on which the VS was built, plus any modifications you may have made to the template before making the backup.
    3. The minimum disk size: ensure the value is based on the template settings and any possible modifications you may have made, e.g. installing additional software.
    4. Click the Convert Backup button.
  5. The backup will be scheduled for creation. When conversion is complete, it will be then listed on the Templates > Templates List > User Templatestab, from where you can edit it.

During the custom Windows template creation the Admin account is created anew.

To select a preferred licensing type (KMS, MAK, own) for a Windows virtual server built on a custom template you need to add this custom template toMy Template Groups and associate the desired licensing type with such group.

When updating a custom template (by converting a more recent backup of a VS, for example), existing VSs built on previous versions will not be updated. Only new VSs, or those that are rebuilt, will use the new template.

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