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Add a Foreign Bank Account to the Cashbook Module which has an opening balance
Posted by Claire Craig on 28/05/19 14:25
  1. Create a NEW nominal bank account with NO opening balance in nominal maintenance\accounts
    NOTE: if there is an already existing nominal account for the foreign bank which has been maintained as Sterling, then at point 3 below use this ACCOUNT as the balancing entry for the nominal ledger posting)
    for example:  Existing Euro Bank Account C350 has a YTD figure of 1000.00 sterling -so a NEW NL Account is added - New Euro Bank Account C351 - do not post any journal to this

    Ensure the Exchange Rate for Nominal in system\maintenance\exchange rates has been set to the correct rate you which to use! example:  1.190476, so £1000 = Euro1190.48

  2. Then add C351 to the cashbook and IMMEDIATELY set the currency control to Euro* - both Euro and Sterling Reconciled/Unreconciled and Current will be 0.00

  3. Then post the Nominal payment (opening balance is overdrawn) or receipt posting (opening balance is in the black) 
    You will need to enter the Euro value eg 1190.48 so it converts back to the 1000.00 (using the nominal exchange rate) so when you do balancing entry to C350 this will zeroise this account back in the nominal. 
    - The cashbook front screen will now show you the Euro and Sterling values, however as unreconciled, so reconcile this before allowing any live postings
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