Sage 200 - Add New Reports to Sage Menu
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How to Add New Reports to the Sage200c Menu

New reports can be created in Report Designer and then added as a new feature in the Sage menu so that users can run these when required.

To add a new report to a menu first you would need to save the amended/new report into a location on the server so that all users can access this. It is recommended that any custom reports are saved into the Sage share and the custom reporting folder.

Once saved, you will need to log into Sage 200 Administration. If you do not have access to this, then a user with admin rights will need to complete the remaining steps.

When logged into System Administration you will see the screen below.

Select 'Features' on the left hand side.

Then right click on the module in which you would like to add the amended/new report. Then select 'Add New Feature'.

The new feature will require a name, then select 'OK'.

This will then appear in the features list.

Select the report that you are adding in the list, this will give you further information in the 'Feature Properties' section at the bottom of the screen.

Select the 'Targets' tab.

Select 'Add' on the right hand side. Enter the name of the report in 'Target Name' then select the target type of 'Report' from the drop down menu.

The target action is where the path to the report is held. Select the '...' to the right of the box and browse to the reports location.

Select the saved report file, then select 'OK'.

This will populate the 'Target Action' box. Select 'Save'.

You will be returned to the Features screen. The next step is to authorise user roles to be able to use this report. The report will only become available to those users who are part of the authorised role.

To do this, you will need to right click on the report and select  'Role Authorisation'.

You will be presented with a list of available roles on the left hand side and those roles that are authorised on the right.

Use the arrows in the middle to move across the roles that will become authorised. Then select 'OK'.

The final step will be to add the report to the menu in Sage. This will affect all users that have access to the authorised roles, so no need to do this for each individual.

If you have permission to amend menus then you will be able to select the 'pen' icon  at the top of the menu, otherwise you will see an arrow.

Select the pen icon.

This will change the menu to say 'Edit Menu' and highlight it in green.

Locate the section of the menu that you would like to add the new report to and right click on the header, then select 'New Menu Item'.

On this screen you will need to select the new report item that you want to add and then select 'OK'.

The amended/new report will now appear in the list.

Once complete select the cross  at the top of the screen.

The report will now be available to use in Sage 200.

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