1976 Backlink error on sequrmap when running a UDS
Posted by Conleth Overton, Last modified by Conleth Overton on 08/01/21 10:15

This is SCR OPERA-3231 Error 1976 UDS backlink error on sequrmap after upgrading from 2.60.00. The error log is pointing to the sequrmap.dbf, please delete this from the system folder and run the UDS, the UDS will recreate this table in the system folder.

To clarify, the SCR was fixed in 2.71 but if upgrading from earlier versions i.e. from 2.6x then please apply the workaround. So if you upgraded from 2.71 to 2.72.50 or 2.73 you wouldn't get it but if you upgraded from 2.6x then you would encounter it.

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