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Cashbook Reconciliation giving Message 'Unable to Reconcile - Entry Values Changed' so unable to complete or print the bank reconcilation
Posted by Claire Craig, Last modified by Conleth Overton on 19/11/21 14:55

Opera3 Version 2.81.02 to 2.81.?? has a defect whereby under a certain scenario when a rectification is carried out and the REMOVED function is used, when the reversing cashbook transaction gets created the transactions assumes the ENTRY number of another transaction causing the bank statement reconciliation process to not work if either of the transactions are selected in the bank statement reconciliation

If this happens, when you click OK to complete the bank statement reconciliation it will

1. Not Print or complete AND/OR

2. Give a message to say 'Values have Changed' 

To find the transactions which are affected by this:

Open dataviewer and in the CODE BLOCK section, paste the following:

select ae_acnt+ae_cntr+ae_entry as aekey from aentry into cursor ae
select count(aekey), aekey from ae into cursor counts group by aekey
select count(aekey) as cnt1, aekey from ae into cursor counts group by aekey having cnt1<>1

then, VERIFY the code (you should get a message 'no compilation errors)
then click EXECUTE and open the ?_AENTRY dbf table - it should return a message 'Code block executed successfully! RETURN value was: .T. - cancel out of the codeblock
Now click REFRESH TABLES and click on the 'COUNTS' table which got created by the select statement and Browse Normal - this will then return (if found) the bank account and ae_entry key which then needs fixed on the ATRAN and AENTRY tables

to fix ATRAN

brow for at_entry="input the aekey found by the select statement" - there will be more than one transaction associated to the entry number which you need to separate out - take a note of which one you are going to amend and amend the at_entry key, for example if the at_entry was PR00000011 change it to PR0000011X. Amend the second duplicated number by putting a letter at the end instead of a numeric so the entry can not be duplicated in future.

Then repeat this on the AENTRY table and ensure to change the same transaction you changed on ATRAN

When you go back into the reconciliation then the difference will appear. You will need to find the transaction that you changed the entry number for and mark it as reconciled.

The bank statement should now be able to be completed.


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