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MTD - Customer registers for MTD before submitting final non-digital return
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MTD and the Pilot scheme:

NB: The customer is required to file their (QUARTERLY) VAT Return for the period ending 30/04/19 therefore the VAT Period start date is 01/02/19.

Prior to upgrade:

Ensure all VAT data has been committed up to 31/01/19.

Ensure Scheduler (2.10.00) is working i.e. can schedule a backup etc.


Check Company Profiles – if any test systems exist with the same VAT Registration Number as the “proper” company, change the VAT reg. to another number.



Upgrade to Opera 3 (2.60.00) and run Update Data structures on all companies.

Upgrade Scheduler to (2.20.00) – there .NET Framework 4.7.2 is required


Turning MTD on “behind the scenes”

Using FoxPro commands:

Update SEQCO as follows:

Co_mtd = T

Co_mtddate = 01/02/19

Co_vatcons = [Set to Company Id]

Co_vatsch = 1

Co_agent = F


This should allow access to the MTD VAT Centre

A message will be displayed stating that the user needs to authorise – click Yes on the message

Enter the MTD VAT Authorisation details (as provided by HMRC – these will be the Government Gateway details used by the Opera user committing pre-MTD VAT Returns through the HMRC online portal).

This should now enable the centre to communicate with HMRC and the Next submission details at the top left of the MTD VAT Centre should display with details of the next return due i.e. From 01/02/19 to 30/04/19. Important: If different contact Pegasus immediately


Consider whether you need to create any Adjustment VAT Codes (these are created using the new ‘J’ type code)

Make any adjustments as necessary.

Commit the VAT Period for 30/04/19

Give the figures a final check.

If an Adjustment is necessary, this will need to be done using the Adjust committed command on the Action menu of the MTD VAT Centre.

MTD VAT Centre: Action menu - Submit to HMRC

A receipt status i.e. success/fail should be received from HMRC


It may take the HMRC Back Office several seconds to update.  It might be necessary to close the MTD VAT Centre and reload.  The Next VAT Period details should now be for the February 2019 return.


Please inform Pegasus of how it all went


NB: Please can you double check ALL the information in the document before applying the changes to the fields in the tables and contact us if necessary.

After applying the changes can you also please supply the following screenshots to enable us to check the dates:

1) A screenshot from when they first launch the MTD VAT Centre
2) A screenshot of the MTD VAT Centre from after they have submitted the first return 











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