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Error 1098 - this can also be down to Windows 10
Posted by Conleth Overton, Last modified by Conleth Overton on 28/06/21 10:47

The error 1098 illegal value is most likely because of either a blank line or corruption in the table used in whatever process is being performed by the user and is not version specific. You will need to use the relevant table dependent on the module in which the error occurs. We would advise you to check the following tables via VFP: PTRAN / PNAME / PANAL / PNOML / PALLOC To find any blank lines you can use the following statement (amend as required for other tables): select * from PTRAN order by PT_ACCOUNT If you find a blank line mark it for deletion and then perform the PACK command within VFP on the table. There may be a problem in more than one of the listed tables.

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