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How to fix MEMO file \\servername\03 Server VFP...\A_WHIST.fpt is missing or is invalid
Posted by Claire Craig on 16/11/21 12:18

If you get the error above (could be any table where a memo field resides), this will mean there is a record or multiple records where if you try to tab through the MEMO field on the table (and there could be several memo fields), you will get the Memo file is missing or invalid message.

The below is an example from a recent issue:

The MEMO field in this particular case on WHIST.DBF (wh_memo).

It holds the path back to where the payslip image lives (if a path exists the memo field with read Memo (capital M) whereas if it is blank it will be memo (all small letters) and if this has got corrupt (so is showing as Memo but there is nothing stored in it) it will cause errors when either trying to view pay period history on an employee (F12) or run certain reports which come from WHIST - so needs to be put back to memo

The only way to fix, is to identify which records on WHIST table I couldn't tab through the wh_memo field (this can be quite a lengthy process)

Once identified I then found the criteria to single out the records and replaced the memo field with blank for each of the records but had to do this either view command line or dataviewer using following command

Open WHIST.dbf

replace wh_memo with "" for wh_ref="ROB01" and wh_year="2122" and wh_period="06"

it needs to be very specific so you are just amending particular records on the table, I then carried this out for all of the other records affected

There may be instances where all of the memo fields need set to blank, so for example 

replace ALL wh_memo with "" - but this must ONLY be used in very specific cases where the customer is happy to loose the drill back for everything on that table......

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