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MTD VAT Centre getting message, AZURE_FAILURE
Posted by Claire Craig, Last modified by Conleth Overton on 02/10/20 10:44

If you receive a message when going into the MTD VAT Centre regarding "AZURE FAILURE", please try the following:

1. Close out of MTD VAT Centre, wait a few minutes and try again

2. Check that Microsoft .net 4.7.2 is present on the PC

3. It could be firewall issues. Firewall ports for MTD for VAT:
    These are the endpoints we need to connect to in order to send an MTD for VAT submission.

4. It could be registration Issues. Can you please answer/supply the following (to understand further as in some cases the customer's actual company may not be signed up for MTD):

     Q1) What was the customer’s last VAT return period under pre MTD rules?

     Q2) Re Q1, Have they committed, submitted and paid the VAT return through the Gateway?

     Q3) Do they submit their VAT on a quarterly or monthly basis?

     Q4) What is their first day of the VAT period under MTD?

     Q5) Do they have any other companies or copy companies with the same VAT Registration number that they will consolidate with this one?

     Q6) Do they have any other companies with different tax numbers? If so, and the dates differ from above, please supply the information for that company also.

5. It could be down to HMRC data issue. If you can follow the instruction below and pass this information through to Pegasus:
    5.1. Create a file called DebugMTD.txt
    5.2. Place that file in ProgramData>Pegasus>Scheduler Server
    5.3. Restart the Scheduler Service.
    5.4. Run the MTD Process that generates the error.
    5.5. This should create a log file in ProgramData>Pegasus>Scheduler Server - if you can attach that to the call.
    5.6. Remove the DebugMTD.txt from ProgramData>Pegasus>Scheduler Server
    5.7. Restart the Scheduler Service. 

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