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Posted by Claire Craig on 28/07/22 13:11

If when installing an Opera3 client you get ERROR1320 FILE PATH TOO LONG C:\PROGRAMDATA\STARTMENU, Pegasus have recommended the following on Incident 16650798:

This is a windows OEM error and we have seen this in the past with specific brands (with a pre-installed OS), we have also seen this on a Windows 11 client pc recently. It is related to some machines having legacy Application Data paths being included in the install but the OS unable to resolve them when trying to install software e.g. the Opera 3 Client..

Options that resolved the issue previously were:

1. Go into control panel (classic view), folder options.
2. Select show hidden files and also un-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files’.
3. Click OK.
4. Run the Opera client setup file. It will stop with the error 1320 File too long c:\programdata\application data\pegasus.
5. Browse to c:\programdata directory where you will see a shortcut to ‘Application Data’ – right click and cut this shortcut and paste it to the desktop. It will give an error but just ignore it.
6. Click ‘Retry’ on the Opera install – it should get a bit further then prompt the same 1320 error but with a slightly different path. Copy the shortcut icon “c:\programdata\desktop” to the desktop.
7. Go to this new location in the error and cut & paste this shortcut to the desktop and continue the install. It will prompt for another path – do the same again. (i.e. Copy the start icon to the desktop)
8. Opera server install will now finish off installing and may ask for a restart.
9. Copy all the icons on the desktop back to their original locations.
10. Perform the client installation. You must copy the shortcuts back to the original locations prior to running the client installation, otherwise the shortcuts will become folders, causing more errors.

It is a windows OEM error and there are many people reporting this type of issue online, so you may need to look at those options also.

If your machine started off as Vista/Windows 7 etc. then u pgraded to Windows 10, then have done a further OS upgrade then this situation can also arise.

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