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Previous Submission missing from the MTD VAT Centre
Posted by Claire Craig, Last modified by Conleth Overton on 01/02/22 17:07

The main table which controls what is seen in the MTD Previous Submissions table is the ZRCSL

For a customer there were dates missing from this for the previous submission (possibly a crash or system not responding) which once populated the submission was then shown in the MTD VAT Centre

The ZVONLINE table stores the committed and submitted values plus the receipt from HMRC in the MEMO field which if there has been an interruption in the submission this receipt may also be missing.

Customer always needs to check that the submission has actually been received by HMRC before amending anything in these tables.

The other scenario is that the MTD centre is showing the next VAT period but is pulling in the old figures.

You need to turn off the MTD and commit the VAT using the old functionality.

Then turn MTD back on again.

See attached document.

Commiting VAT if the MTD submission has gone to HMRC.docx

 Commiting VAT if the MTD submission has gone to HMRC.docx (94.01 KB)
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