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Reverse VAT RCSL - getting message when committing vat 'There are no Reverse Charge Sales' for the VAT period
Posted by Claire Craig on 10/06/21 16:15

If when committing the standard VAT return, a message appears 'There are no Reverse Charge Sales' for the VAT period. To commit this listing please select the option for nil returns on the HMRC website'

This message is appearing due to a tick box on the Company Maintenance form called in the MTD section called 'RC Sales List' which should ONLY be ticked if you have Reverse VAT codes setup for either the supply or sale of 'Computer Chips' or 'Mobile Phones' - so VAT codes setup as Reverse VAT which does not have the 'Domestic Reverse Charge' box ticked on the vat code 

On 1st March 2021, Reverse VAT changes came in for the Construction Industry however these vat codes although Reverse VAT will have the 'Domestic Reverse Charge' boxes ticket so do not apply to the RCSL reporting as per the help in Opera3 and on the .gov website, details below

HELP FILE in Opera3
Reverse Charge Sales
This affects supplies of mobile phones or computer chips whena transaction including mobile telephones or computer chips - that HMRCrefers to as 'reverse charge sales' - exceeds the HMRC de minimis levelof £5000, exclusive of VAT. You must not include supplies of gas, electricity,emissions allowances, telecommunications services, renewable energycertificates or building and construction services.
Point 11 on
11. The Reverse Charge Sales List
11.1 General
RCSLs only apply if you make supplies of mobile phones or computer chips, referred to here as reverse charge sales.

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