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Running Sales Ledger Period End - Error 1962 The Directory is not empty
Posted by Claire Craig, Last modified by Claire Craig on 08/11/19 14:31

This could be 1 of 2 issues causing this.

Possible Issue 1 - thumb files in the company data folder, on the server where Opera is installed navigate to the company specific data folder and ensure in windows explorer you set unhide all file and folders and search for *thumb* - remove these and try the period end again

Possible Issue 2 - could be due to OLD transactions on STRAN which has a PDF link in the Memo field but the PDF has been removed.  To fix this OPEN STRAN and for ALL old transactions beyond the KEEP TRANSACTIONS in sales ledger set options, page down on the MEMO field and remove the PDF link.

*** Remember to ensure you have a backup of STRAN before doing anything ***


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