Sage 200 - How to use eBanking
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How to Use eBanking in Sage200c

Once eBanking is set up within Sage 200 this document will explain how to process payments.

Please be aware that this process will create a payment file in the correct format for the banking service that is set against the cash book account. It will not upload this file to the bank, this is a manual process which will need to be carried out afterwards. Once this process is complete the payments will have been made within Sage but no money will have actually be sent to the suppliers bank account.

Within Purchase Ledger > Period End Routines > Payment Processing are all the options that are needed for eBanking.

Generate Suggested Payments

Selecting 'Generate Suggested Payments' will show a warning message.

Enter the necessary information.

Remittance date: is the date that will be printed on the remittance advice and cheques.

Pay invoice more than: days overdue: this is the number of days overdue an invoice would need to be to qualify for payment.

Include all invoices with settlement discount regardless of their age: This should be selected to include all invoices with settlement discounts. Clear this to pay only those invoices that are due.

Select OK to generate the suggested payments file.

This will run through a progress bar and collate all the information then produce a confirmation required option.

Selecting 'Yes' will bring up the report on screen (if the output mode is set to preview).

Here is a small part of the report as an example:

Amend Suggested Payments

This option is used to review and amend the supplier payments.

Selecting the supplier from the drop down list will display the transactions that are due for payment.

You can select which invoices/credits you want to process. You can also amend the items payment value or enter a discount to part pay them. Removing a transaction for payment can be done by setting the payment value to zero. To entirely remove a supplier account from the suggested payment file then select 'Pay None'.

If you select 'Pay Now' this will generate a payment for the supplier immediately. If this option is selected then the payment will be marked as 'paid', this prevents a duplicate payment when the outstanding suggested payments are generated.

Once complete, select 'Save'.

Report Suggested Payments

Running this option produces the suggested payment report. You could run this at any point and specify the payment group that you are interested in. If you find something on the suggested payments report that should not be on there, then you would need to go back and amend the suggested payments.

Generate Payments

This is where you would produce the payments for the suppliers that are on the Suggested Payments report, after it has been amended. You can also reprint the remittances, without producing the payments again.

To generate payments you either pay a single supplier or multiple suppliers.

Paying a single Supplier

To pay just one of your suppliers you would select the 'pay single supplier' toggle and enter the account code needed. This will populate the payment group with that set against the account.

Select which bank account you would like to pay from then enter the remittance date. This is the date that the payment will take for postings within Sage. Complete the other information as necessary.

Selecting OK will continue to make the payment, you will then be presented with a summary of the payments that will be included in the generated payment file.

Selecting 'Show Details' will give you a break down of the payments, including the bank account details that these payments will be made into.

To continue, select 'OK'. You will be asked where the payment file should be saved to.

At this point you will be notified of any errors. If there are errors then these should be addressed.

If there are errors then once rectified you will need to go back into Generate Payments again.

If processing and there are no errors, an email will be created for the remittances to be sent out to the suppliers or create paper copies (according to the settings on the payment group). Then the payments will be made against the supplier account in Sage and these will be allocated to the invoices.

Paying multiple Suppliers

When paying multiple suppliers in one go, it works in much the same as an individual however you would be paying all accounts that have the same payment group assigned to them that are included in the suggested payments file.

You would need to select 'Pay Multiple Suppliers', select the payment group required and complete the other information as necessary. 

Again, selecting OK will give you a summary of the payments that are going to be made.

With a breakdown of the individual payments and payment information.

Once you are happy to proceed, select 'OK' and proceed to save the file.

Individual emails will be generated to send out the remittances to the suppliers, one email per supplier with just their remittance advice attached, or create paper copies (according to the settings on the payment group). Payments will also have been made in Sage to the individual supplier accounts and allocated against the invoices that have been paid.

Reprinting Remittances

If for any reason you need to reprint the remittances for the payment run then this is possible, however can only be done for as long as the suggested payments file is available. If you were to generate a new suggested payments file then the original remittances would not be available for reprint.

When you go to generate suggested payments if there is already a file in place you will receive the following message:

To reprint the remittances then you will need to go into 'Generate Payments' and select whether you are paying a single supplier or multiple (i.e. what was originally done when the payments were produced initially) and then select 'Reprint payments only'.

You will need to complete the screen as you would have done before.

As the 'reprint payments only' box has been ticked then you wouldn't go through the payment screens, it will go straight to creating the remittances on the emails or create paper copies (according to the settings on the payment group).

No payments will be made to the supplier account and no file will be generated.

Delete Suggested Payments

Selecting this option will remove the suggested payment file, this should only be done once you are a sure that you no longer require the suggested payments file and are happy that all remittances have been printed/emailed.

This can be done for all suppliers or a single supplier.

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