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XRL Addin not appearing in Excel - other things to try
Posted by Conleth Overton, Last modified by Conleth Overton on 02/10/19 09:10

I have attached the "Pegasus" document to this solution as well.

If the XRL/Infor Add-In is not appearing in Microsoft Excel and you are frustrated that the  Add-In will not get into Excel, please find a possible solution in the attached document. 

Items to try:

 - update 1/10/19 - after a fresh install of office 365 1902 was giving issues at new customer site on two workstations.

- Firstly I installed 2010 microsoft tools pack.

- Then did an office repair online and changed the load behaviour to 3.

This worked for both workstations.

Lauren's entry 

Uninstalled XRL 
- went through document on knowledge base
- version is correct
- permissions are correct
- reg key changed, added to trust centre
- add in not loading in XRL

Installed .net 2.0 and 3.0 
- uninstalled XRL again 
- checked all settings - user has full rights to folder, local admin on machine
- add in still not appearing in Excel 
- changed all settings listed in knowledge base article

Other items to try:

-Full uninstall and reinstall complete inc manual reg deletion
-Not even adding addin manually on excel - error as above
-When changing load behaviour of reg addin from 2 to 3, when running the excel manual add it defaults back to 2.
-Not working as domain admin account
-Cant re register the dll file via cmd or run

-Windows firewall off
-AV turned off
-Re applied windows .net 2.0 and 3.0 features
-Full online repair off office suite through control panel. Ensure edition is semi annual, version no more than 1902 and updates turned off (This fixed the issue this time)

 addin help2.pdf (427.98 KB)
 Com Add-in not present in Excel.pdf (454.79 KB)
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